In order for the body to heal the mind needs to overcome its hill

We live in a time where we must uphold to the expectations of our professional/social environment but also uphold to our own self-inflicted expectations.

Life’s moving in a faster pace and it’s taking its toll on us. We live in constant stress and forget to listen to our bodies, their needs (therefore, our needs)… we don’t sleep enough, we don’t eat right, we don’t exercise enough and don’t satisfy our emotional needs. All this leads to- surprise surprise…an illness which brings us to a full stop! Now we are forced to give our bodies and spirits our undivided attention. An illness makes us reflect on where we’ve gone wrong and what needs to be fixed or changed.

You’ve got the possibility to make this change and the time is now…feel free to contact me at my clinic in Den Haag, Netherlands and together we’ll find the right way for you to heal, whether it’s with Bach flowers, medicinal herbs, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Meditative Imagination, the right nutrition, Healing, talks or a combination of them.


Taking the person, as a whole, with all of his imbalances (which might have created an illness or an emotional disturbance) and helping him bring balance and recovery back into his life using different methods: western medicinal herbs, touch therapy, first-aid homeopathy, aromatherapy, vitamins and minerals, psychotherapy, nutrition and much more...



Bach flowers

Bach flowers are remedies extracted from 38 different non-toxic and non-edible flowers, the 39th remedy is the Rescue Remedy that is well-known for many years now and is a combination of some of the other remedies.

The remedies are the fruits and labor of Dr. Edward Bach’s research of 7 years, he managed to complete all 38 remedies between 1928 and 1934.

Alternative medicine

The alternative medicine and therapists combine both conventional and alternative know-how in order to treat the body, mind and spirit and allow the person to heal from within out, and sometimes even improve his quality of life and correct his daily misconduct.

Medicinal herbs

Today, in alternative medicine, we divide the medicinal herbs arbitrarily into 3 groups: Western medicinal herbs, Chinese medicinal herbs and Ayurveda herbs. Medicinal herbs are historically known for curing illnesses or alleviating symptoms.


Aromatherapy is one of the methods in alternative and complementary medicine where we use essential oils and base oils (or vegetable oils) that are made from aromatic flowers, medicinal herbs, spices and trees.

Acupressure (Jin Shin)

The name Jin Shin Jyutsu is Jin = man, Shin = creator, Jyutsu = art, which together means: “The Art of the Creator (God) through the compassionate spirit”. It works on the same system as Acupuncture, same energy pressure points, Yin & Yang, but instead of using needles it uses the fingers to create the pressure.


Our job as nutritionists is to construct and create menus that will eventually serve and contribute a change in lifestyle and a healthier more balanced conduct.


Transferring and channeling energy from the universe to the person that needs it. This energy encourages the process in which organisms’ health is restored.

Life Coaching

While running after success, money, power and position, we often forget to do what’s right for us, what makes us happy and content, the simple things in life that can change a sad moment into a happy one. I do believe that one of my jobs is to remind my patients of those things.