In order for the body to heal the mind needs to overcome its hill



I first met Dalite about 8 years ago by the recommendation of a friend, at the time there were a lot of significant things going on in my life (an illness and death of a parent and the birth of a new child soon after). My connection with Dalite was immediate and even though I had a lot of strong shocking events happening in my life the sessions with her were calm and full of many layers with a rare and balanced combination between practicality and spirituality, between talk and touch, between conventional therapy and alternative therapy, between listening and taking action and more.

Ever since then I come to Dalite regularly once every 3 weeks and benefit a lot from the support, the easiness, the inspiration and the common sense she adds into my life in almost every aspect- starting with career issues and continuing with family and health issues. 


A few years ago, I got a recommendation from my dentist to go see Dalite… she tried to explain to me what is it that Dalite does, she called her a “top therapist”, a “miracle worker”. I set up a session with Dalite and the rest is history, I remember that I was received by a wonderful, beautiful woman who asked questions, made me a remedy and placed her hands over the problem, and me?? I searched for some kind of candid camera, for I had little faith (then), but I suddenly started to see my life becoming what I always dreamt it to be… Dalite helped me see things straight, open my eyes, choose the right path for me… she’s always on point, she helped me sort out the difficulties in my life and of course to find a way to get through them. She has a unique way to help those who want help. She has a big heart and an astounding sense of giving. I feel privileged to know her.

Words cannot express enough even a fraction of the inner process I went through and am going through thanks to her… she’s one of a kind.



I have been a patient of Dalite Wollach for almost ten years now and have trusted her to treat anything from a common cold or a simple muscle ache to complex medical conditions such as Thyroid Deficiency and Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, both of which she treated with great skill. Dalite managed to help where other, more traditional branches of medicine, have failed me.

Her help wasn’t limited to physical conditions, she also helped me with depression and anxiety with absolutely no side effects, which is borderline miraculous. Dalite is a veritable fountain of knowledge in so many different areas, but it is mostly because of her heart and her level of caring that I am recommending her. I feel very fortunate to have her in my life and I have every confidence that anyone who have been treated by her feels the same.


I have known Dalite since 2009, she has been, and still is, my guardian angel. She helped me out with every physical discomfort I was suffering from, and I had lots! She is the Best (!), she has knowledge, experience, patience, and most of all, she really cares.

I will forever be grateful for everything she has done for me.


About 2 years ago, my friend recommended that I should go see Dalite, because I was suffering from a few physical issues. In the beginning I was very skeptical, how could she fix something that all doctors couldn’t …

By the time I left our first session, I was amazed by the precision of her analysis, impressive amount of knowledge and the ability to see right through me, but most of all I was blown away by the strong positive energy that came out of her hands.

Dalite helped me understand that my physical problems are just a symptom for everything that is going on in my mind. Through conversations and great advices that are based on her life experience and wisdom, she helps me face my deepest fears and overcome my insecurities.

Dalite helped me in more ways than I can describe, both career-wise and in my personal life, and my physical issues are starting to fade away.

She makes me feel calm, relaxed and gives me the feeling that nothing is out of reach.

I am so blessed and lucky to have met such a loving, caring, and inspirational woman.

I believe her, I trust her, and I honestly think she can treat any problem.

To me, Dalite is much more than a therapist, she is someone I can rely on, someone to talk to in need, a life guide, a friend …


Dalit is kind and knowledgeable. She is very attentive to my concerns and listens to the root of my problems. I had a great impression and positive experience from the very first visit to her clinic and I have been seeing her for the past 3.5 years on a monthly basis. I am consistently impressed by her deep and holistic knowledge of different therapy methods including Naturopathy, Bach flowers and healing which she combines and has proven itself helpful for treating anxiety symptoms, and helped calm down issues that were plaguing me due to stress. She's able to work with your schedule to help give you quality treatments for your condition.


The first time I’ve ever met Dalite was by now almost 15 years ago. We just stumbled upon each other, in a way. Looking back, for me this was the best thing that could have ever happened. Although from the get-go I was a bit hesitant, she became the light of my life.

At that time, I was suffering from anorexia and other emotional imbalances. We started my healing journey from there. It wasn’t easy & definitely not pleasant, but it completely changed my life. Over the years with Dalite’s help I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles, learned how to listen to myself and most importantly except & love myself. Over the years our relationship has evolved from Practitioner-Patient, to being true friends. Till this day she’s my first go-to person for any problem. I’ve referred many of my friends and family members to her and she helped them beyond expectations. She is one of the most remarkable people I had & will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you Dalite for helping me to choose life.