In order for the body to heal the mind needs to overcome its hill

Alternative medicine

What is alternative thinking?

Life is full of ups and downs and we’re trying to master both.

My motto is “search for the solution not the problem”… for the problem is always there visible to us, what is hidden, however, is the solution… most of us focus on the problem and the way in which it disturbs our lives…we assume that the problem is a fact and that the possibility of finding a solution for it is small if any. True, sometimes in order to find a solution some changes must be made, but we’re creatures of habit, it gives us the sense of security we need - sort of like a “known evil”. Any kind of change temporarily shakes up and challenges that security. Sometimes all you need is to take a look and reflect on things in order to understand the reason for the problem, only then will you find a solution for it. You might reach this by yourselves but sometimes there’s a need for an external person to help you gain insights and look at it from the right perspective, this will contribute to the healing of your body, mind and spirit.

I believe that we have “The doctor” in us just as much as we have “The patient”, and that my job is to find a way to put back in action that inner doctor.

The conventional medicine and doctors only take care of the symptoms that the body presents when it’s ill, without acknowledging the reason for that illness.

The alternative medicine and therapists, however, combine both conventional and alternative know-how in order to treat the body, mind and spirit and allow the person to heal from within out, and sometimes even improve his quality of life and correct his daily misconduct.

The alternative medicine includes various methods: Yoga, Airobada, Shiatsu, Chinese acupuncture, Bio-feedback, Naturopathy, Bach flowers, Aromatherapy and many more. Each person chooses the method he feels more connected to…whatever makes him feel better… sometimes it’s all about the method and sometimes it’s just about the therapist who makes him feel comfortable and connected.

I think each of us has the therapist with which he/she feels comfortable enough to start a significant process of change…

I might be the right therapist for you and if so you have the possibility to make a change and the time is now… feel free to contact me and together we’ll find the right path for you to heal whether it’s with Bach flowers, medicinal herbs, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Meditative Imagination, the right nutrition, Healing, talks or a combination of them.